Suburban Review, and 2017 Round-Up


My poem Dietary Requirements (Fossilade) is in The Suburban Review #9, available here. It’s about moral absolutism, the singularity, and a particular existential crisis I used to spiral into when considering vegetarianism until it occurred to me to come at it from a sustainability perspective. (I’m still not 100% vegetarian, but on the other hand, I also spend less time wanting God to exist so I could punch him in the face for inventing the food chain.)

While I’m at it, people are doing award eligibility posts – I’ve also been trying to hold down a full-time job, so it hasn’t been my most productive year, but I believe both Dietary Requirements and January’s End-Times Tables (in Star*Line) are Rhysling-eligible. Let me know if you’re an SFWA member looking for stuff to nominate, I’m happy to send you both poems privately.



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